Brush Em Lyrics – Pop Smoke ft. Rah Swish

Brush Em Lyrics by Pop Smoke ft. Rah Swish is latest English song with music also given by them. Brush Em song lyrics are written by Pop Smoke and Rah Swish.

Brush Em Lyrics - Pop Smoke ft. Rah Swish

Brush Em Song Detail

Singer: Pop Smoke, Rah Swish
Composer: Pop Smoke, Rah Swish
Lyrics by: Pop Smoke, Rah Swish

Brush Em Lyrics


Brokie, brokie
9 shots in the Ruger, I step on court they like
Watch the shooter
Look, big 092MLBOA

GQ, you got a gun, ni**a, gun, ni**a? Me too
Brodie gon’ what? Brodie gon’ back out, brodie gon’ brush ’em
Look, brodie gon’, brodie gon’, rrr
Diggin’ that Louis bag, Louis bag, ni**a diggin
that bag, duffle
Brodie gon’ back out, cut ’em, brodie gon’
woo, I bet Moe gon’ shoot
Said I’m big 092, know that I’m woo
Don’t come to my block, we gon’ give ’em the boot
I keep me a Glock, shoot out the roof, two .38’s, three .22’s

Big NBA, we did it first
Watch what you say, you could get hurt
F**k all my opps, they get it worst
My bi**h got the chop, sh*t in the purse
Pull up on Rex, don’t even trip
If I call Stretch, empty the clip
Those not my opps, free Thano Brim
The f**k is Zanotti? ni**a a snitch
Don’t get put on a shirt, watch ni**as lurk
I keep a Glock when I’m in church
Spin through your block, step on the clutch
Hit that boy up, then I reverse
Brodie got locked for the choppa
Lost four of my straps, gotta go get a fifth one
I be f**kin on opp’ bi**hes
Kick ’em and pass ’em to Pop, it’s too many to pick from
Uh, say that, I’ll call a Ape for a Maybach
I’m 823, I get straight cash, if you got that work, I’ma take that
We pull up to houses and baby showers
Woo from the Floss, we don’t play with ours
You won’t ever catch me broad day without it
GDK and I don’t even play about it
Uh, uh, Day-Day
Have you screaming through mega like, “Mayday”
Who the f**k are you talking to crazy?
If you don’t want no beef, ni**a, pay me
The f**k is these ni**as gon’ get back
Empty the clip, they sh*t wacked
Take all the breesh, I got big packs
Shoot through the V, make ’em sit back
Uh, rumble
Step on the field, watch ’em crumble
I’m so drip like I stepped in a puddle
I back out and hit you and your uncle
Window down, let the semi spit
40 Glock with a 50 clip
Get the addy then I get ’em hit
Had to shoot a ni**a for a mixy bi**h
Uh, Treesha, shorty wan’ suck on my nina
I pull up like Ace in a finas, I leave her sh*t wet, Aquafina
And I got that pu**y on Fiji
If you got a gun, come and meet me
Breesh spendin’, pull up in like three V’s
Opp’ treesha, she dyin’ to eat me
I don’t talk to ni**as, I don’t play with ni**as
Got a bad bi**h that’ll tase a ni**a
Stone cold, blue flag, 09 to the A, ni**a, Woo back

Uh, the f**k wrong with dem pu**y boy dem, eh?
Dem talk ’bout bombaclot Rah Swish and Pop Smoke, uh
What da mean? Uh
Tell ’em pu**y dey, “Go suck ya mada!”

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