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GO Lyrics – DaBaby

GO Lyrics by DaBaby is latest English song with music also given by Matthew Gomez, 808iden & DJ K.i.D. GO song lyrics are written by DJ K.i.D, 808iden, Matthew Gomez & DaBaby.

GO Lyrics - DaBaby

GO Song Detail

Singer: DaBaby
Composer: Matthew Gomez, 808iden & DJ K.i.D
Lyrics by: DJ K.i.D, 808iden, Matthew Gomez & DaBaby

GO DaBaby


Yeah, I know these lil’ ni**as like to talk
I don’t really like to talk, let me pop my shit (Let me pop)
I can’t get them haters off my dick
You know I drop my nuts when I drop my shit (Let me drop)
And I’m the type to keep it quiet, don’t speak
They’ll never know it’s me when they block get hit (Shh, shh)
My mama told me I should go and holler at my brother (Wait a minute, who are you? Ayy, yo, K.i.D.)
Just to let him know we all be havin’ problems and we love him (Go)
It’s traumatizin’, you know, how we started in the gutter
Now I’m chillin’ with my daughter in a goddamn mansion
Just waitin’ on a ni**a, watching goddamn cameras
Cheat code, ni**a, I’m the goddamn answer
Beast Mode, I’ma beat the goddamn cancer
And I don’t really give a f**k about how you feel, homie
Put the alphabet on him, put the AR on him, put the F&N on him
Get to shootin’ at a ni**a, have him goddamn dancin’ (Yeah)
You know I keep the blick with the extension
Never foldin’ under pressure, know I love it when there’s tension
Know I love it when it’s questions in my motherf**kin’ mentions
Know these bi**hes bein’ messy, need some love and some attention
You ni**as say I ain’t go no flow, they better motherf**kin’ listen
I be switchin’ up my flow the way I’m switchin’ ni**as’ bi**hes
I’m a different type of ni**a, you a different type of bi**h
Screenshot, sendin’ out another ni**a pic
Riding ’round town on another ni**a dick
Leavin’ all them comments on another ni**a shit
Your best friend dead, that’s what he motherf**kin’ get
Know we lock and shake ni**as like a motherf**kin’ pit’
ni**a better go and check my background, ni**a
Lay a finger on me, ni**a gettin’ clapped down, ni**a
Know these friendly-ass rappers never shot nan’ ni**a
All you cappin’-ass ni**as need a cap, gown, ni**a (Yeah)
What the f**k these ni**as wanna do?
People think I like to fight but I be really tryna shoot, bi**h
Ain’t hearing ni**as like they got on mute, swish
I’m pulling up and I ain’t tryna hoop, it’s
A ni**a that’s the motherf**king truth
I ain’t tryna be your friend, I ain’t cliquing with your crew
And no, I’m never in my feelings, I’m just tryna get the loot
I been rapping for a minute, ni**a, f**kin’ make it too
I think the blogs know we f**king, shit, but f**k it, that’s my boo
She always staring at me, she be tellin’ me I’m cute
I always keep it on me, she’ll tell you I’ma shoot
My house so f**kin’ big, ain’t even using half the rooms
It’s hot outside, I actually forgot I had a pool
Football field, a ni**a going NFL
Basketball court, a ni**a going NBA
R&B freak, I try to f**k her every day
Curly-haired jiggy bi**h, it might be DaniLeigh
Ooh, did he just say that? You probably need to play back
Six cars in the driveway and I don’t even drive
I be backseat pimpin’, ’bout to go and get a Maybach
Name another ni**a that can kick it how I kick it
You can’t name another ni**a that be livin’ how I’m livin’
I ain’t never told a lie, these other ni**as rappin’ fiction
Could’ve been switched the flow, these stupid ni**as wouldn’t get it
f**k it, shit, we can go body for body (Go, go)
He got too many hoes, let’s go thotty for thotty (Go, go)
I’m not looking for problems, he try me, he try me
I got white people fans, look like Scotty 2 Hotty
I’m not looking for drama, the drama come find me
She don’t look like my mami, I call her my mami (Mami)
I’m not trusting nobody, don’t f**k with nobody
Not tryna re-sign but they tryna re-sign me (Go)
I hope you not offended, shit, but I’m not really interested
You don’t like taking chances, but you reaping all the benefits
The coolest, you not cool enough for me and I’m not feeling it
My heart’s no longer in it, forgot who you was dealin’ with
Give me mine, ni**a, I got kids
I be sacrificin’ time for them to live the way I live
I ain’t mad at the Corona, I been chillin’ at the crib
I ain’t tryna hide my feelings, bi**h, I feel the way I feel, ni**a

Who the f**k can’t switch the flow, ni**a?
Stupid-ass ni**a
And K.i.D on the motherf**kin’ beat, ni**a
Stupid-ass ni**as
That’s my daddy

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