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Skit: Oblivion Lyrics – Brent Faiyaz

Skit: Oblivion Lyrics by Brent Faiyaz is latest English song with music also given by Jonathan Wells. Skit: Oblivion song lyrics are written by Brent Faiyaz.

Skit: Oblivion Lyrics - Brent Faiyaz

Skit: Oblivion Song Detail

Song Name: Skit: Oblivion
Singer: Brent Faiyaz
Composer: Jonathan Wells
Lyrics by: Brent Faiyaz
Music Label: Lost Kids

Skit: Oblivion Lyrics


(Brent and side piece laughing)

Aye! My man
You can put that privacy window out?
Thank you.
I’m tryna have some more fun witchu

[side piece]
Well, the night ain’t over yet
You wanna ask your driver to make a detour?

*exhale* nah, it’s cool
Pass me that bottle though?

[side piece]
Yea, here

Thank you.
Damn, I’m drunk as sh!T *laughs*.
Aight there you go, you want some more?

[side piece]
Yea, but just a little bit

Aah!H you lightweight

[side piece]
*chuckles* oh!My god, shut up

Damn, you madе me spill my sh!T again

[side piece]
*laughs* that’s what you get

Hollon, lemme down this sh!T

[side piece]
You gon pass out
Before you even get to the airport

Hell yeah!
*they laugh in unison*
*brent’s phone buzzes*

Damn, who blowin my sh!T up yo? Aah! Sh!T

*brent’s phone keeps buzzing*

[side piece]
Who is it?

It’s my b!Tch

*brent’s phone buzzes again*

[side piece]
She prolly saw us on the red carpet tonight

Sh!T, I don’t know
[side piece]
It’s not a big deal anyway
It ain’t like yall got a baby or nothing

*chuckles* you wild. Damn
I need another drink

*they laugh in unison*

[side piece] fu*k it *laughs*

Damn, I don’t wanna leave you right now

[side piece]
I know
I don’t wanna leave you now either but
Imma see you again tomorrow
When I get back to la

Aight cool

*they kiss*

Aye! How much longer till we get to the o2?

[side piece]
I don’t know, maybe ten minutes?
How far was the hotel from the airport?

Aah! Sh!T, about thirty

[side piece]
That’s all the time I need


*they kiss*

Lemme tell him drop you off
After you drop me off at the airport

[side piece]
You can tell him in ten minutes


*they laugh in unison*
*they kiss*

[side piece]
Lemme get that for you

*unzips brent’s pants*

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