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Murda Talk Lyrics – Yungeen Ace

Murda Talk Lyrics by Yungeen Ace is latest English song with music also given by him. Murda Talk song lyrics are written by Yungeen Ace.

Murda Talk Lyrics - Yungeen Ace

Murda Talk Song Detail

Singer: Yungeen Ace
Composer: Yungeen Ace
Lyrics by: Yungeen Ace

Murda Talk Yungeen Ace


Rissin around the city with that draco
Opps looking for me where they at tho
My killers move in silence strike when i
Say so dead body on the conner that’s a
Case closed hot boy, hot boy top boy
My top killas yeah hop out run down
Stand over we strictly killin yeah
Fu** ya neig*borhood hero’s
My ni**as villains yeh

Bad bit** namerd glscky she got
Extensions yeah them demons
Inside me they beggin to come
Up out me my ni**a or ruthless
On sight he’ll catch a body
I cut my main ni**a off cause
He wasn’t sliddin behind it
They killed my brothers and they
Shot me you know how i fell about it

Them pu**y bit**es they go
Pay for what[?] they did
Band new AR i came to
Split a ni**as wig
Blood in my eyes and i’m
Screaming redrum
Fu** ni**a i know who shot me
Bit** i’m just playing dumb

Fu** ni**a i know who shot me ni**a
I’m just playing dumb this a choppa
Bullets but this was a hand gun
I was done off in that hoes when
I had my therrsome
They bit** gave me head but
I couldn’t even cum
Watch me run

I;m a lover and a fighter
Plus a killier (yeah)
Strictly about viloence when
We serve up in ya section ya
We kept them backends them choppas
Clappin them killers dangerous

That traps jumpin them friends fienin
Them phones rang’in see i’m a lover and a
Fighter plus killer yeah strictly about
Violence when we server up in ya section
Ya, we kept them backens them
Choppas clappin them killers
That trap jumpin them friends fiend
Them phones rang’in

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